ENVT's University Veterinary Hospital

ENVT’s University Veterinary Hospital is staffed with 80 specialists, general practitioners, veterinary nurses, support staff and secretaries, offering a comprehensive range of cares to all species encountered in veterinary practice.

The clinicians are either lecturers, hospital practitioners, or interns… All are committed to provide the best possible cares to the animals entrusted to us, and to teach students from year 3 onward.

You will find below the details of services offered by the different clinics of the school:

- Small animal clinic
- Exotic pets and wildlife clinic
- Equine clinic
- Large animal clinic
- Swine and Poultry clinic

The hospital’s policy is to combine quality of cares and animal welfare with state-of-the-art teaching to students, interns and residents, thus ensuring high quality training of future veterinarians graduating from Toulouse veterinary school.

The school’s veterinary hospital has implemented a quality approach whose goal, in the long run, is to obtain further certification. This approach concerns the domains of quality of cares, client reception, competences of medical and support staff, equipment, maintenance and hygiene of treatment, surgical and hospitalization premises.

Each clinic has its own organization pattern, consistent with the teaching and service objectives it is meant to meet.

At ENVT’s veterinary hospital, around 20,000 animals are treated annually, and 55,000 medical or surgical acts performed.