Exotic pets and wildlife clinic

The Exotic Pets and Wildlife clinic was founded in1999 thanks to funds from the Occitanie regional council (50%) to meet the growing need for scientific and clinical expertise in exotic pet and wildlife medicine.

The management of the clinic was assigned to Dr Jean-Yves Jouglar.

Our structure is fully part of the pedagogical missions of the school. It allows students to discover exotic pet and wildlife medicine.

Besides, the clinic offers training sessions to teach handling and restraining of exotic animals to public or private organizations.

The staff

Dr Jean-Yves JOUGLAR
DVM, Associate professor
Head of the wildlife clinic

Dr Guillaume le Loc'h,
DVM, Associate professor

DVM, faculty veterinarian

Dr Steve MANON
DVM, faculty veterinarian


The exotic pets department

This unit deals with exotic pets such as ferrets, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds etc. as well as backyard pets (chickens, geese, Guinea fowls, pigeons, pigs, dwarf goats, etc.). The staff also treats zoo and circus animals, and does consulting work when requested by professional breeders.

The clinic has a year-round 24/7 emergency service and an Intensive Care Unit. Animals needing to go through recovery are kept in the hospitalization ward. Owners are called for daily reports on their pets, but are also welcome to visit them.
Our surgeons can perform all types of surgeries (convenience surgeries or orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries) as well as endoscopies on injured pets or wildlife.
The Exotic pets and wildlife clinic shares its imaging equipment (radiology, ultrasound, scanner) with the school’s Small Animal Clinic.

In-house diagnostic laboratory

Our services include:

  • Parasitology analyses
  • Exotic pet hematology and biochemistry
  • Necropsy of exotic pets and wildlife

Besides, in collaboration with other laboratories, we offer:

  • Histological analyses (ENVT’s laboratory  of pathological anatomy)
  • Bacteriological analyses
  • Virological analyses
  • Avian DNA sexing

The wildlife department

The Wildlife and exotic pets clinic takes care of wild animals temporarily incapable to fend for themselves in their natural habitat after being found injured or sick.

Once admitted (yearound, 24/7), they are examined and further tests are run if necessary in order to establish a prognosis and assess their chances of being reintroduced successfully in the wild.

The school owns on-site aviaries offering a safe haven to convalescent birds. There, they learn how to fly again and build-up their strengths until they can be released in the most appropriate place. All wild animals go back into the wild. No wild animal can be handed back over to the person who found and brought it to the clinic.  

As far as non-native species are concerned, the staff works in collaboration with the French state’s veterinary services in order to find an appropriate rehoming or adoption solution.


Contact us:

  • +33/ (0)5 61 19 38 62 or +33/ (0)6 21 76 79 40 (emergencies)