Equine clinic

ENVT’s equine clinic possesses three consultation rooms, one surgical theater and one room with special equipment for surgical procedures on standing horses. It also has boxes equipped for intensive care and the clinic is fitted with brand new high tech medical and surgical equipment.

The clinic was entirely renovated in 2013. A recovery-induction room is now available for the horses’ safety when awakening after general anesthesia.

The staff

Dr Gabriel CUEVAS
DVM, Associate Professor in equine surgery
DVM, ECVS-certified (European Board), Consultant in equine surgery
Dr Sophie PRADIER 
DVM, Associate Professor in equine internal medicine
Dr Youssef TAMZALI
DVM, ECEIM-certified (European Board), Faculty veterinarian
Dr  Emma Morand
DVM, Faculty veterinarian
Professor Alain REGNIER 
DVM, Professor in ophtalmology
Dr Jean-Yves DOUET 
DVM, Associate professor, Specialist in ophtalmology


Services offered

Our veterinarians can perform consultations in:

  • Orthopaedics. The clinic possesses two digital x-ray machines and one ultrasound machine for lameness workup. Special rehabilitation treatments such as shock waves and stem cell injections can be performed.
  • Internal medicine.

    Digestive troubles, which constitute a real challenge for today’s equine veterinarians. Besides traditional tests (such as transrectal palpation, blood work, teeth inspection, coprology tests), further tests are possible at the school’s equine clinic (abdominal ultrasounds, rectal mucosa biopsy, glucose absorption test). We also perform gastroscopies to diagnose gastric ulcers.

    Respiratory affections. These affections represent the second cause of poor performance in sports horses. Endoscopic examination is used in order to observe the upper respiratory tracks as well as the trachea and the main bronchi. Further examinations such as broncho-alverolar lavage, tracheal lavage and lung ultrasounds are also carried out in our clinic.

    Oncology. The clinic is accredited for antitumoral treatments and we cure several tumors such as sarcoids and epidermoid carcinoma.

Ophtalmology. ENVT’s ophthalmology department offers specialist services to diagnose and treat eye affections (both medically and surgically) in horses.

Surgery. Our surgeons perform both soft tissue surgeries (tumor removal, castrations, upper airway surgeries, abdominal surgeries) and orthopaedic procedures (arthroscopies, fractures) and eye surgeries.

Specialist laboratories. The school has a number of laboratories (medical biology, pathological anatomy, parasitology, etc.) allowing in-house analyses, and thus quick diagnoses.