Pathogenesis and commensalism of enterobacteria


Pathogenesis and commensalism of enterobacteria


The strategy of the institute is a comprehensive approach of digestive health: physiology, physiopathology, medical and molecular bacteriology, pharmacology, cell biology, epidemiology, immunology, neurosciences, genetics.

Facilities include experimental surgery and organoïds.

The team explores the physiopathological interactions between enterobacteria of the microbiota and their host. Special studies are devoted to colibactin, a bacterial genotoxin putatively involved in colon carcinogenesis.


Intestinal physiopathology, host-bacteria interactions, antibiorésistances, DNA damage, cancer.


Permanent staff : 21

Contract staff : 2

Scientists  : 14

Engineers & technical staff : 7

PhD & PostDocs : 5


N. VERGNOLLE – Head  nathalie.vergnolle@inserm.fr

E. OSWALD – Vice-head  eric.oswald@inserm.fr

C. PETIT delegate for ENVT    claude.petit@inserm.fr