MYC (Pathogenèse des infections à mycoplasmes)

MYC- pathogenesis of mycoplasmic infections


Mycoplasmas represent a large group of atypical bacteria which are characterised by having a reduced genome and an absence of cell wall.
In Ruminants they cause chronic illnesses in the respiratory and or reproductive systems. The methods of controlling these pathogens are usually ineffective leading to productivity loss. Contributing to new methods of control of mycoplasmic infections, the team’s objective is to understand the mechanisms which give the pathogens the means to colonise, survive and adapt in a host.


In order to address these issues they use an integrative approach combing:

  • Functional and comparative analysis of their genome,
  • Models of infections on a cellular level and experimentation in hosts
  • Using field data such as new strain infections, epidemiological data and host changes.


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Scientifiques : BARANOWSKI Eric (CR1, INRA), CITTI Christine (DR1, INRA) ; DORDET-FRISONI Emilie (CR2, INRA), BERGONIER Dominique (MC, ENVT), BERTHELOT Xavier (PR1, ENVT), NOUVEL Xavier (MC, ENVT) MAILLARD Renaud (MC, ENVT)


Christine Citti, responsable d’équipe, c.citti@envt.fr