The joint research unit “UMR IHAP” is a multidisciplinary research structure under the co-supervision of the “Animal Health” Division of INRA and of the INP-ENVT. Created in 2003 on the ENVT campus, its main objective is to better understand the host-pathogen interactions at various scales of life (molecular, cellular, individual, population). Our research projects aim at generating new generic knowledge with the ultimate goal to provide operational inputs for improving the control of infectious diseases of animals and for preserving human health (foodborne and zoonotic diseases). Altogether, our research activities are mission-oriented and serve the “One-word, One Health” concept, with approaches targeting the reduction of anti-infectious drugs in livestock production.

Since 2009, the Joint Targeted Unit (JTU) (or UMT “Unité Mixte Technologique”) for “Health management of small ruminant flocks” (INRA, ENVT, Institut de l’Elevage) is part of the UMR IHAP.

Animal health-« One Health »-Infectious diseases-Zoonotic diseases-Epidemiology


Research projects conducted at IHAP focus around 3 thematic axes:

  • Evolution, plasticity and emergence of pathogens
  • Understanding infectious process and the host response
  • Contribution to a better control of diseases  


Equipes scientifiques :

The UMR IHAP is composed of two support teams (management and animal facility) and 6 scientific teams:

  1.  Pathogenesis of mycoplasma infections in ruminants
  2.  Immunity and alternatives to antiobiotics
  3. Host-virus interaction and vaccinology
  4.  Pathogenesis of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
  5.  Parasitology : Tannins and interactions nematodes-digestive tract & Besnoitoisis
  6. Epidemiology and economy of animal health


Ressources humaines :

Scientifiques (chercheurs + EC) : 15 Professors or associated-professors ; 6 researchers

Ingénieurs, techniciens administratifs : 22 technicians, 2 engineers et 7 temporary staff members

Doc et PostDoc: 14 post-docs or PhD students.


Chair of the unit: Christine Citti - c.citti@envt.fr

Directrice d'Unité adjointe: Mathilde Paul - m.paul@envt.fr

Office manager: Pascale Faure – pa.faure@envt.fr