IALTA (Immunité et ALTernatives aux Antibiotiques)


Immunité et ALTernatives aux Antibiotiques

The reduction of antibiotics usage must be accompanied by the development of new approaches to maintain, or improve, the health status of livestock. The immune competence of animals and its strengthening during risk periods should be considered to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases. The team IALTA aims at discovering and studying new ways to increase ruminants immunity against endemic diseases such as mastitis, metritis or paratuberculosis. For this, the IALTA team studies the variability of the immune response in connection with genetics, nutrition and management of the production cycle. It also evaluates innovative approaches to stimulate immunity against infections by vaccination or by training innate immunity.


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Scientifiques : G. Foucras (PR, ENVT), S. Chastant-Maillard (PR ENVT), G. Tabouret (CR, INRA)

ITA : C. Tasca (TR, INRA)


 G. Foucras (PR, ENVT),  g.foucras@envt.fr