GenPhySE research unit is linked to « Animal genetics» and « Animal Physiology and Livestock Systems » divisions of INRA. Research subjects make a continuum from gene to phenotype and livestock system. They are structured around 6 scientific areas:

  • Improving knowledge on the structure and functional organization of genomes
  • Exploring the genetic variability of complex traits in livestock
  • Understanding biological mechanisms underlying the elaboration of phenotypes
  • Increasing genetic gain through genomic selection and design of new breeding programs
  • Improving our understanding of environmental effects on phenotypes
  • Designing more sustainable livestock production systems


Moreover, the unit has prioritized three topics:

  • interactions between host genome x metagenome of digestive microbiote
  • epigenetics
  • agroecology and livestock systems

Two GenPhySE research groups have activities on the ENVT site; they are involved in the first and third thematics. Within the first one, research focuses on genome functioning, especially chromosomal rearrangements and their effects on meiosis. Within the third one, research focuses on digestive ecosystems control, especially in the rumen, to improve digestive efficiency and animal products quality, mainly through nutritional management.


Genome, chromosomes, microbiote, feed efficiency, livestock systems


The unit is composed of 10 research groups, two of them partly located on the ENVT site:

Structural and functional cytogenomics (CYTOGENE)

Nutrition and digestive ecosystems (NED)


Scientific (researchers and academics): total unit = 47, including 3 on the ENVT site

Engineers, technician and administratives: total unit = 92, including 3 engineers and 7 technician and administratives on the ENVT site

PhD students and PostDoc: 23 doctorants; 4 post-docs


X. Fernandez, DU - xfernandez@toulouse.inra.fr

V. Fillon, head of CYTOGENE- valerie.fillon@toulouse.inra.fr

A. Pinton, ENVT correspondent of CYTOGENE - a.pinton@envt.fr

S. Combes, head of NED - sylvie.combes@toulouse.inra.fr

F. Enjalbert, ENVT correspondent of NED – f.enjalbert@envt.fr