EPIDEC (Epidémiologie et économie de la santé)



This group research the detection and control of infectious diseases in production animals, animal health economics, and sustainable agricultural development. This can be divided into two main focuses:

Development and evaluation of: disease control indicators, diagnostic tools and farm and regional diagnostic strategies. Studying the indicators of health problems and utilising technological advances to profit economically. Particular diseases studied include ovine paratuberculosis, porcine mycoplasmas, metabolic diseases and reproductive failure in milk producing animals.

Analysis of livestock practices to optimise herd health management and economics, with the goal reducing medicinal and antimicrobial use. Particular diseases include: respiratory disease in the horse, the of antibiotics in cows, pigs and poultry and avian influenza.

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 Projets scientifiques :

Projets : NEAT , GISA ERIAH, GISA coppecs, GISA Ruminflam, GISA Picsar, ICSA OMAP, H2020 SheepNet, ANR Agreenium IDEFI-N , DGAL Eco-antibio….

  • Enseignement :

Les membres de l’équipe EPIDEC interviennent dans l’enseignement des masters GIMAT  et InterRisk  et participent au projet d’enseignement numérique AgreenCamp


Scientifiques : F. Corbière (MC, ENVT), D. Raboisson (MC, ENVT), S. Pradier (MC, ENVT), M. Paul (MC, ENVT), A. Waret-Szkuta (MC, ENVT)

PHD : C. Adam, A. Albaaj, M. Delpont, Y. Mathevon

Postdoc : C. Guinat

IR contractuel : M. Yakovleff, L. Fernandez


F. Corbière (MC, chef d’équipe) f.corbiere@envt.fr