CYTOGENE: Cytogénomique Structurale et fonctionnelle



The « Cytogénomique Structurale et fonctionnelle » (Cytogene) team studies, in farm animals, the link between the genome structure and its transmission between cells or between individuals. It also studies how this structure affects the genome functioning. Finally, this team, with its expertise in structural cytogenetic, has a platform of chromosomal control of breeding populations in order to prevent the hypofertility of reproducers (swine and cattle mainly).

1. Nuclear architecture and chromatin interactions in pigs

2. Meiosis in vertebrates and epigenome during gametogenesis in link with farm animals fertility

3. Genomic and characterization of the genetic diversity of french honey bees (Apis Meliferra) populations

4. Structure of avian genomes


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 15 agents permanents (*Agents basés sur le site de l’ENVT)

Scientifiques : H. Acloque (CR, INRA), M. Bouissou-Matet Yerle  (DR, INRA), A. Ducos* (PR, ENVT), V. Fillon (CR, INRA), A. Vignal (DR, INRA)

ITA : H. Barasc* (IE, ENVT), A. Calgaro* (TR, ENVT), K. Canale-Tabet (IE, INRA), E. Labarthe (TR, INRA), Y. Lahbib (IR, INRA), A.M. Loustau* (AI, INRA), N. Mary* (TR, INRA), F. Mompart (AI, INRA), N. Mouney* (TR, ENVT), A. Pinton* (IR, INRA).


Valérie Fillon, animatrice d’équipe : valerie.fillon@toulouse.inra.fr

Alain Ducos, directeur de la plateforme de contrôle chromosomique : a.ducos@envt.fr, labocyto@envt.fr


Link: http://genphyse.toulouse.inra.fr/