The Regional Centre for Functional and Experimental Exploration Resources (CREFRE) also known as US 006 is an Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) Service, University of Toulouse 3- r and ENVT unit. The objectives and tasks of the CREFRE are to:

▪ develop and coordinate shared services in animal experimentation with the establishment, functional pathophysiology exploration, phenotypic characterization (organic and histo-morphological markers) and cryopreservation of animal models,

▪ meet the needs of academic and private research teams in the field of animal research promoting animal ethics through the 3R’s principle,

▪ ensure the reproducibility of experimental results through the skill and expertise of human resources, suitable infrastructures and a quality approach,

▪ develop a research activity through the development of methodological studies leading to scientific publications or technology exploitation actions,

▪ develop partnerships with private companies, including industrials and biotechnology SMB, promoting transfer of technological knowledge.


Functional pathophysiology exploration, imaging, embryo transfer, phenotype analysis, pathology, clinical pathology, histology, method validation, animal model, mice, laboratory animal


CREFRE groups 11 centres located in four geographical sites in Toulouse:

  • Purpan : Expérimental animal facility , Experimental pathology unit
  • Rangueil : Expérimental animal facility, experimental microchirurgy,  phenotype analysis
  • Oncopole : Genetic engineering, non invasive exploration (rat, mouse), Expérimental and breeding animal facilities, Cryoconservation & décontamination 
  • ENVT : Histology and clinical pathology


  • Human ressources 

Scientists (researchers and professors ) : 5

Engineers, technical and administrative staff: 53

PhD student : 1


Y. Barreira – Director - yara.barreira@inserm.fr

N. Bourgès-Abella - manager of the ENVT group- n.bourges-abella@envt.f

C. Martino –secretary of the ENVT unit - c.martino@envt.fr