Clinical pathology and Histology

Clinical pathology and Histology team of the CREFRE INSERM-UPS-ENVT


The Clinical pathology and Histology team of the ENVT develops several activities:

- Expertise, advice and services in the areas of animal histology, hematology, hemostasis, cytology and biochemistry meeting the needs of public and private research teams in animal experimentation and clinical research,

- Research & Development with the "characterization and definition of biological values ​​in Normal animals" through 3 axes:

o Axis 1: Pre-analytical and Analytical phases: our team examines and validates the most successful pre-analytical and analytical  conditions in animal hematology/ coagulation/ biochemistry/ cytology. We created a search engine (Preanalytical Varibility Advisor) giving access to published information on factors affecting results of clinical pathology during specimen sampling and handling prior to analysis.

o Axis 2: Reference intervals (RI): our team establishes RI of biological variables in domestic and laboratory animals and works on the extension of the RI concept creating a software (Reference Value Advisor) and publishing scientific literature.

o Axis 3: Intra-individual variability: with repeated measurements in the same subject, our team determines  indexes of individuality of biological variables allowing better diagnostic interpretation and early detection of anomalies in a given subject over time.

These R & D activities enable the development of studies in laboratory animals in collaboration with public and private partners and the supervision of PhD theses via the SEVAB doctoral school.



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  5. GRANAT F: In vitro platelet aggregation: anticoagulant effects of CTAD and its use for diagnostic investigation in sensitive species. PhD Thesis- Université de Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier. April 2016


Scientists : N. Bourgès-Abella (PR, ENVT), J.P. Braun (PR émérite, ENVT), M. Kolf-Clauw, (PR, ENVT), C. Trumel (PR, DipECVCP, ENVT)

Engineers, technical and administrative staff : A. Geffré (IR, DipECVCP, ENVT), M.N. Lucas (IR, DipECVP, ENVT), C. Bleuart (ATFR, ENVT), C. Marche (TFR, ENVT), C. Martino (ATFR, ENVT), F. Palanché (TFR, ENVT), I. Pardo (ATFR, ENVT)


N. Bourgès-Abella - manager of the ENVT group



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