Created on January 1st, 2008, ALISS Unit comes from the merge of two former units, CORELA and LORIA, located in Ivry/Seine near Paris. It mainly involves economists and sociologists but also includes a demographer and a historian.

The creation of unit ALISS rests on the idea that perennial confrontations between the represented disciplines, economists and sociologists but also economists of consumption and industrial economists, can prove to be profitable, as well for scientific debates as for the expected finalized deliverables.

The research topics that Aliss address are included in the “development of healthy and sustainable food system” of the INRA orientation document for the period 2010-2020 (Challenge II) and in the field “Food, consumers, industries and public policies” of SAE2 department.

The general objective of unit ALISS is to produce knowledge aiming at understanding the behaviors and the strategies of the food system stakeholders and to contribute to the development and the assessment of public policies. Part of the activity is dedicated to develop, manage and interface databases relating to food demand (consumption) and food supply (products characteristics) necessary to perform the research activities of both Aliss Unit, Oqali and Parisian Alimentation Consortium.

Alimentation,  Behaviors, Strategy, Public policy


  • « Food behaviors and Firms strategies » (CALISE)
  • « Data for alimentation and Information systems » (DASI)
  • « Food sociology » (SOLAL)


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