Undergraduate and postgraduate studies


Toulouse veterinary school trains veterinarians that are also public health and animal health officers within a regulated profession. Veterinarians are animal doctors and surgeons, as well as high-rank biologists specialized in animal biology.



The curriculum is organized in 10 semesters distributed in 5 academic years.
The first 8 semesters consist in a progressive training of general practitioners, at the end of which students are awarded the Fundamental Veterinary Studies Diploma (equivalent to a Master’s Degree).
In year 5, students major in one out of 6 possible fields: large animals, small animals, equines, public veterinary health, research, food industry.
At the end of year 5, and after defending their veterinary thesis, newly graduates are granted the title of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.



(on-site qualifications)

ENVT diplomas
Internship programs
Residentship programs

Master's Degrees
(in collaboration with other Toulouse University faculties)


Biology-health pole

    Integrated Management of Tropical Animal Diseases (GIMAT)

   Assessment Management of Health risks at the Human, Animal and Ecosystem Interface (InterRisk)

    Integrative Biology and Toxicology (BioTox)

    Pharmaceutical Innovation and Drug-related Professions

    Digestive Health and Nutrition

    Physiopathology: from the molecular level to the medical level

    Vectorology, Gene Therapy and Vaccinology

Biotechnical pole

    Bio-Engineering: Health, Foodstuffs (BING)

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