Sustainable development

A green campus

Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse has been strongly committed to sustainable development since 2008. As soon as 2009, the school did a carbon footprint assessment in order to limit its emissions of green-house gases, from which it drew a “green plan” in accordance with the Grenelle 1 law.

Numerous actions have been initiated by Engineer Augustin Calventus (assigned specifically to sustainable development issues on the campus) such as the management and recycling of wastes, the setting up of a mobility plan and the organization of events aiming at raising staff and student awareness  about public transports, cycling, and the protection of our environment.

These initiatives are piloted by a Green Campus committee composed of academics, administrative personnel and students from the Vert’Vet club for sustainable development.

Here are examples of projects undertaken by the students: installation of bee-hives, a vegetable garden, bird perches, sales of “environment-friendly” shopping baskets, rehabilitation of the school’s pools, plantation of fruit trees and hedges, organization of an inter-university biodiversity symposium… Many more projects are yet to come!

ENVT has been awarded numerous prizes among which the Mets ton campus à l’an vert award, the bronze trophy for eco-mobility of the city of Toulouse, and the AYAV (Allons-y à vélo) challenge of 2013. More recently, in 2015, the school won the Responsible Campus Trophy (in the student commitment category) and was a finalist in the Green Gown Awards among British, Australian and New-Zealand institutions.