The school's equestrian center

ENVT hosts an equestrian center founded by the Haras Nationaux in order to promote equine medicine among students.

It is independent from the veterinary school from a financial point of view.

In 2014, it counted more than 200 members affiliated to the French Horse-Riding Federation. Half of them are ENVT students. The other half is mainly composed of students from other faculties of Toulouse University and secondary education students.

ENVT students benefit from a reduced flat rate to practice equitation. With its 65 horses, the equestrian center also provides support for pedagogical activities and research works, notably on doping.

The center organizes around ten events every year, some at the highest levels of competition, which represents a major asset for the professional integration of the school into the regional equine industry.

The center also contributes to the sharing of university infrastructures by welcoming contests organized by the French University Sports Federation.

For further information, please visit the Equestrian Center’s website. (in French)