Dean's editorial

Jean-Claude Brethes

A school rich in history and turned towards the future.

ENVT was founded in 1828. It is one the oldest Grandes Ecoles of Toulouse. Since its creation, it has continually played a major role in society by training one third (and later one fourth) of French veterinarians. It prides itself for counting among its past students some of the great names of the profession: clinicians, researchers, lecturers, industrialists and policy-makers.

A veterinarian is a high-rank biologists trained in small and large animal medicine and surgery, whether the animals are bred and raised as companion animals or for sports, recreational or farming purposes.

Veterinarians play a major role in animal farming; hence in land planning as farmers are not only food providers but also land managers. They also ensure public health as human health is linked with animal health, environment and by-products.

A school open to a global environment

Through its clinical activities, ENVT is open to its urban environment and to rural Greater South-west France.

Through its research activities conducted in partnership with research institutes such as INRA and INSERM or teams from Toulouse University, ENVT has acquired a long-lasting international reputation.
By training general practitioners whose economic role is essential in the region, it has developed strong ties with local economic and human territories.

The school is involved in around 50 exchange programs. It thus has a great international dimension and offers its students, lecturers and researchers numerous opportunities abroad.

Over the last few years, ENVT has engaged in a policy of network and competence center development which has greatly contributed to its local, national and international influence.
It is now a member of Université Fédérale de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (UFTMP).

At national level, it is a member of the French Agronomic, Veterinary and Forest Institute alongside other establishments for agronomic and veterinary higher education and research. As such, it participates to the formulation of unique national diploma frames of reference, and to the coordination of clinical research programs.

A grande école of a human size on an exceptional campus.

Besides its academic achievements, the school is an exceptional 53-hectare tree-filled site just a couple of miles away from the city center.

It is delimited on its northern boundaries by a Green Belt (an unspoiled walkway along the Touch, a tributary of the Garonne river); it also hosts an equestrian center, thus making it possible for students to enjoy getaways between wooded areas and the Garonne river banks, at walking or horse-riding distance.

The school’s commitment to sustainable development has been awarded on several occasions at local, national and even international level, and has made it a wonderful place to live, work and study in.  

It is well-equipped with sports facilities and its Students’ Union is particularly dynamic. ENVT offers a variety of a extra-curricular activities and takes part to numerous humanitarian or sports events, among which the 4L Trophy rally, the Spi Dauphine regatta, the Garona Cup rowing competition, the National University Rowing championship, Beauvais’ International University Rugby tournament, the Inter-Health Rugby Sevens tournament etc.



Isabelle Chmitelin