The object of ENVT’s alumni’ association – AEAENVT (« Anciens Elèves & Amis de l’Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse ») – is to:

  • Favor exchanges for a veterinary training in line with societal needs at national, european and international level ;
  • Contribute to the conservation, improvement and valorization of the scientific, cultural and environmental heritage of the school;
  • To promote knowledge and achievements in animal health and public health;
  • To help address such issues as the place of animals and farming in society;
  • To maintain and develop links among the members of the association.

Among other activities, the alumni’s association:

  • Organizes a yearly careers event destined for ENVT’s 1st-year students and grants financial support for international student mobility projects;
  • Contributes financially to projects aiming at conserving the environmental and scientific heritage of the school;
  • Promotes jobs offers through its website

Please contact Prof. Pierre Sans for further information through email at aeaenvt@envt.fr, or on the phone +33/ ‘0)5 61 19 39 77