Gestation & Endocrine Disruption

The research activity of the team is focused on the impact on animal and human heath of fetal exposure to environmental and/or food contaminants that can act as endocrine disruptors.  Our research strategy is based on an integrative approach including the understanding of the key mechanisms driving fetal exposure and those underlying the potential effects on health  in a context of chronic low dose exposure relevant to environmental or food contamination. This approach is deciphered at different level or organization of organisms on variate biomarkers (hormone synthesis, secretion, transportation… effect on the microbiota, metabolomic fingerprints in different tissues…). Our ultimate goal is to establish predictive models for the exposure of human and animal fetuses to endocrine disruptors and of the resulting potential effects on health.  


Scientific publications

 Guignard, D., Gayard, V., Lacroix, M., Puel, S., Picard-Hagen, N., Viguié, C. (2017). Evidence for bisphenol A-induced disruption of maternal thyroid homeostasis in the pregnant ewe at low level representative of human exposure. Chemosphere, 182, 458-467. 

Gauderat, G., Picard-Hagen, N., Toutain, P.-L., Corbel, T., Viguie, C., Puel, S., Lacroix, M., Mindeguia, P., Bousquet-Mélou, A., Gayrard, V. (Auteur de correspondance) (2016). Bisphenol A glucuronide deconjugation is a determining factor of fetal exposure to bisphenol A. Environment International, 86, 52-9. Facteur d'impact (2 ans) : 7.088 (Science)    

Corbel, T., Gayrard, V., Viguie, C., Puel, S., Lacroix, M., Toutain, P.-L., Picard-Hagen, N. (Auteur de correspondance) (2013). Bisphenol A disposition in the sheep maternal-placental-fetal unit: mechanisms determining fetal internal exposure. Biology of Reproduction, 89 (1), 11. DOI : 10.1095/biolreprod.112.106369

Book chapters for veterinary professionals

Descôteau, L.; Colloton, J; Gayrard, V. & Picard-Hagen, N. (2010) Bovine Pregnancy. Chapter 6. Practical atlas of ruminant and camelid reproductive ultrasonography. Ed. Descôteaux L., Colloton J. and Gnemmi G., Wiley-Blackwell . 81-99.


All public book chapter,

Viguié, C. (2015). 5.9. Les Perturbateurs Endocriniens. In: Catherine ESNOUF, Jean FIORAMONTI, Bruno LAURIOUX, L'Alimentation à découvert (p. 199-200).


  • Research Scientists: V. Gayrard (PR, ENVT), H. Mila (MC, ENVT) N. Picard-Hagen (PR, ENVT), C Viguié (DR INRA).
  • PhD student : F Grandin, doctoral School SEVAB
  • Master II student: C. Gayrard, IE Purpan

C Viguié, Director of Research: c.viguie@inra.fr

N Picard-Hagen, Professor : n.hagen-picard@envt.fr

links :  http://physiologie.envt.fr

Research unit link : https://www6.toulouse.inra.fr/toxalim